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Stevan Stojanović (aka Stevan Mokranjac) Passes Away

Today in Masonic History Stevan Stojanović (aka Stevan Mokranjac) passes away in 1914.

Stevan Stojanović (aka Stevan Mokranjac) was a Serbian musician.

Stojanović was born Negotin, Principality of Serbia on January 9th, 1856. The town of Negotin is on the Serbian border with Romania and Bulgaria. His father passed away two days before he was born. At the age of ten, he was given his first violin. While growing up Stojanović gained the nickname "Mokranjac" after the town his ancestors came from. Stevan became foreveer known as Stevan Mokranjac.

In 1878, Mokranjac arranged a concert in Belgrade commemorating the twenty-five anniversary of the Belgrade Choir Society. The concert featured Serbian folk songs and was title the "History of Serbian Song."

Starting in 1880, Mokranjac studied music throughout Europe. From 1880 to 1883 he studied in Munich, from 1883 to 1885 he studied in Rome and from 1885 to 1887 he studied in Leipzig for two years.

In 1887, Mokranjac moved to Begrade. There he became the director of the Belgrade Choir Society. He held the position until the time of his death. Under Mokranjac, the Society became well respected throughout Serbia and beyond. They toured in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Ottoman Turkey and Russia. In 1899 they toured Germany.

Also in 1899, Mokranjac founded the Serbian Music School. After his passing it was renamed the Mokranjac Music School and is still in operation today. He also founded the Serbian String Quartet, he played the cello with the group. In 1914, Mokranjac left Belgrade to escape World War I.

Mokranjac is considered the "father of Serbian music." His body of work was large and some of the works he composed were still being published after his passing. Mokranjac's image can be seen on the currency of the Federal Republic of Yugolavia and Serbia.

Mokranjac passed away on September 28th, 1914 in the town of Skopje.

There are many stories and publications listing Mokranjac as a member of the masonic fraternity. At the time of this article being written, his home lodge could not be determined. As new information is acquired, this article will be updated.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.