Glossary of Masonic Terms:

The below terms are meant to help you understand some of the general terms used in the Masonic fraternity. While most of the below definitions will apply to all jurisdiction in a broad sense, some subtle differences may occur from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Raised - Raised is a term used to signify that a person has achieved the third degree of masonry. At times it can be interchangeable with the word initiated. Although the word Initiated also has a degree level with which it is associated. (the first degree of masonry)

Initiated - All members of the masonic fraternity are initiated into the organization. Although the term can be used broadly, it can also refer to the completion of the first of the three degrees of Masonry.

Lodge - a lodge in the masonic fraternity is a collection of masons. The building where they meet is referred to either as the Masonic Lodge or Masonic Temple. Each Lodge in a jurisdiction is subordinate (owes allegiance to) the Grand Lodge of that jurisdiction. A lodge may also be referred to as a Subordinate Lodge.

Grand Lodge - A Grand Lodge is a collection of Lodges within a jurisdiction. A Grand Lodge is the highest Organizational body in Masonry. Although Grand Lodges of each jurisdiction recognize each other there is no over arching organizational structure in the Masonic Fraternity. Each Grand Lodge is autonomous.

Jurisdiction - Jurisdiction refers to the geographic area that a Grand Lodge covers. In the United States it often refers to a state, although this is not always the case.

Grand Master - The Grand Master is the highest office in a Grand Lodge. The Grand Master is elected by the members of the Grand Lodge. He is responsible for all of business of the Grand Lodge that he presides over.

Mason on Sight (also Mason at Sight)- Making a Mason on Site is a power reserved for the Grand Master of a Jurisdiction. It is reserved for individuals of high regard or otherwise pillars of society. It is a special initiation, similar to normal initiation process, condensed into a single ceremony.

Order of DeMolay - The Order of DeMolay is a young mens organization that is part of the Masonic Family. It teaches young men leadership skills as well as gives them opportunity to socialize with other DeMolays and the various organizations for young women that are part of the Masonic Family.

Masonic Family - The Masonic Family is general term referring to all the various branches of Masonry. Eastern Star, Order of Rainbow for Girls, Order of DeMolay, York Rite and Scottish Rite are just SOME of the members of the Masonic Family

Demit - Resign from or leave a lodge.

Non-Masonic Terms

Peer - A peer is a person who has a rank of duke, marquess, earl, viscount or baron in Great Britain. This rank allows them to seat in the house of lords depending on what part of Great Britain they are from.

Empresario - An Empresario is a person who was given a grant to settle on Mexican land. As part of the agreement they are responsible for the new settlers brought to the land. Empresario is Spanish for Entrepreneur.