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George Monckton-Arundell, 8th Viscount Galway is Born

Today in Masonic History George Monckton-Arundell, 8th Viscount Galway is born in 1882.

George Monckton-Arundell, 8th Viscount Galway was a British businessman and politician.

Monckton-Arundell was born March 24th, 1882 in Berkshire County, England. He received his preparatory education in Berkshire schools before attending Eton College and Christ Church College in Oxford. He graduated with a Master of Arts in modern history in 1904.

After college Monckton-Arundell joined the First Life Guards, senior regiment, Household Calvary, in the British Army. In the First Life Guards he rose to the rank of Colonel Commandant. During World War I he served as Adjutant General and Quartermaster General.

In 1910, Monckton-Arundell tried to follow in his fathers footsteps and gain a seat in the House of Commons, he was unsuccessful.

In 1933, he was appointed Colonel Commandant of the Honorable Artillery Company, the second oldest military organization in the world behind the Pontifical Swiss Guard. He stayed in the position just a year before being appointed Governor General of New Zealand.

Monckton-Arundell became Governor General of New Zealand in April of 1935. His military background made him popular with the ministers in New Zealand. Monckton-Arundell and his wife received many gifts during their time in New Zealand. When the family estate was sold, many of the gifts were donated to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. After two extensions of his term due to World War II, Monckton-Arundell retired from his position as Governor General of New Zealand in February of 1941.

When Monckton-Arundell returned to England he became the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Notinghamshire. He also resumed his post as part of the Honorable Artillery Company. He held both positions until his sudden passing.

Monckton-Arundell passed away on March 27th, 1943.

Monckton-Arundell was a Freemason and during his time in New Zealand was named Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.