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The Mosaic Floor

Today in Masonic History we discuss the Mosaic Floor.

The Mosaic Floor is an important part of masonic lore.

Often in artwork with Masonic symbols in it, there is a white and black checkered floor. This is often referred to as a the Mosaic floor or the Mosaic pavement.

In some descriptions of the floor of King Solomon's Temple the ground floor is a Mosaic pavment. Although some dismiss this, there are descriptions that make it clear that the floor of the temple is made of wood beacue and it is elevated. The argument is that stone would not be used for an elevated floor. While this is most likely a true argument, it does not take into account that a Mosaic floor does not have to be one of stone, merely one of multiple colors. It makes it difficult to prove or disprove what the floor was made of since no archealogical evidence of the Temple of Solomon exists and any written acconts of the temple were most likely done by scribes in the court of Solomon, who had no knowledge of the engineering that went into the building of the temple.

The explanation Freemasons use is that the black and white floor of King Solomon's Temple is representive of the good and evil in every man's life. This explanation attempts to explain the reasoning for the floor. It would tend to make the concept of the Mosaic floor a more modern creation, at least in it's philosophy. The philosophical explanation would have been easier for scribes in the court of Solomon to relate in their writings. Since this fact is not related in the descriptions of the temple it is less likely that it was the reasoning for the floor. Again there is no achealogical evidence for the Temple of Solomon so it is hard to say whether it is lost knowledge or a modern interpretation.

Regardless of whether it is meant as a direct represenation of the floor in Solomon's Temple or not, the philosophical explanation is what should be most important to the Freemason. The reminder that good and evil is present in all of our lives should be taken as a reminder and as a warning. It is should be a reminder that there are always those who would, by design or by accident, bring unhappiness or "evil" into our daily lives and to be vigilant to those threats and concerns. It should not just be to avoid them, is should also be to temper our reaction to those events and actions. It should be a warning to ourselves that we are just as capable of inflicting that unhappiness or "evil" on others.

Freemasons should remember that it is our own deeds that color the Mosaic floor. That we all have good days and bad days, that the goal is to always have the one extra white square balancing our life to the good and not the bad. We keep this balance by how we respond when "evil" enters our life and whether we choose by our actions to insert "evil" into the lives of others.