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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Quarry of Life

Today in Masonic History we present The Quarry of Life by Rob Morris.

Darkly hid beneath the quarry,
Masons, many a true block lies;
Hands must shape and hands must cany
Ere the stone the Master prize.
Seek for it, -measure it,
Fashion it, -polish it!

Then tte Overseer will prize.

What tbough shapeless, rough, and heavy,
Think ye God His work will lose?
Raise the block with strength He gave ye:
Fit it for the Master's use.
Seek for it,-measure it,
Fashion it,-polish it!

Then the Overseer will use.

'Twas for this our Fathers banded,
Through life's quarries they did roam,
Falthful-hearted, skillful-handed,
Bearing many a true block home.

For their glorious Temple-home.