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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Three Salutes

Today in Masonic History we present The Three Salutes by Rob Morris.

I hail you, Brother, in the place
Where none but those should meet
Whose types are bended knee and brow,
And the uncovered feet;
I take you by the grip, expressing
All that heart can feel,
And I pledge myself to be to you,
A Brother True as STEEL!

I've watched with real joy your quest.
So ardent and so rare-
Your bold; unflinching gaze upon
The things we most revere;
I've seen that nothing daunts you
In the paths our Lights reveal;
And I pledge myself again to you,
A Brother True as STEEL!

I think there's that within you
Only needs for time to sbow-
Will kindle up a flame where
Othon only feel a glow;
I think tho grave will claim you
As a Mason ripe and leal;
And so once more I pledge myself
A Brother True as STEEL!