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James Frank

 Born December 2, 1857 - Died October 12, 1938

James Frank Allee, who went by his middle name, was an American Politician.

Allee was the chairman of the Republican Party State committee. Like today he was responsible for fundraising for candidates. Often elections were decided in this time period by which candidate could assist certain voters with paying their Poll Tax. This was especially the fact in 1894 during Allee's term as chairman. In 1894 the country was in a severe economic depression that on some level rivaled the great depression of the 1930's.

During his time as chairman of the Republican Party State committee, Allee made some political allies and enemies. This would lead to a splitting of the Republican party in Delaware. The two factions were referred to as "Republican Regulars" or "Regulars" and "Union Republicans". This was critical to the politics of the time since the General Assembly elected those who served in the US Senate seat. Because of the deadlock, Delaware would not have a US Senator in one of the seats for several years.

The split would end when one of Allee's political allies withdrew his candidacy for US Senate from Delaware on the condition that Allee would be elected into the US Senate. He served only one term.