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Branch T.

 Born December 13, 1790 - Died September 22, 1856

Branch T. Archer was an American politician.

Archer was born in Virgina. He attended William and Mary College and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a medical degree in 1808.

In 1813 Archer married Eloise Clarke the couple had 6 children.

While living in Virgina, Archer was active in politics and was elected as a Presidential Elector in 1820. Archer cast his vote for James Monroe.

Three years before moving to Texas, Archer killed his cousin in a pistol duel.

In 1831 Archer arrived in Texas and settled in Brazoria County and again took an interest in politics. Archer was an outspoken advocate of Texas' independence. He also believed in the importance of democracy and accepted the will of the voters of Texas when it came to independence.

Archer was elected as the representative of Brazoria County to the Convention of 1833, a gathering of delegates from Mexican held Texas who were seeking to have changes made to the state.

Archer fought at the Battle of Gonzales, the opening battle of the Texas revolution. After the battle Archer, Stephen F. Austin and William H. Wharton were elected to serve as commissioners to the United States. The three men were tasked with traveling through the United States seeking to gain support for Texas Independence. The three traveled from Galveston to Louisiana and up the Mississippi and over to Washington, D.C. During the trip Texas declared it's independence.

Archer and his two colleagues returned to Texas where Archer was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. During the second session of the First Congress of Texas Archer was elected Speaker of the House. In 1840 Archer would be chosen to serve as Secretary of War for Texas.

Archer was a member of Harmony Lodge No. 62 in Pridewell, Virgina. After arriving in Texas, Archer being an active Mason, he helped organize a masonic lodge in Brazoria. In 1838 Archer was elected the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas.