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John L.

 Born September 18, 1859 - Died June 8, 1946

John L. Bates is an American politician and lawyer.

Bates graduated from Boston University Law School in 1885. Over the next decade he practiced law in Boston.

In 1894 Bates began serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He would server in the House until 1899 with the last two years as Speaker of the House. In 1899 he was elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor. In 1902 he successfully ran for Governor of Massachusetts and in 1903 became the 41st Governor of the state.

During the years Bates served as Governor he had the ability to appoint the police chief of Boston. Despite requests by the city, Bates appointed an outsider to the position, Judge Emmons, with the promise that Emmons would reform the department.

Bates would run for Governor two more times. His third attempt was unsuccessful in 1904 and Bates returned to private practice.

John L. Bates was a member of Baalbec Lodge in Boston.