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Doyle Elam Carlton, Sr. is Born

Today in Masonic History Doyle Elam Carlton, Sr. is born in 1885.

Doyle Elam Carlton, Sr. was an American politician.

Carlton was born July 6th, 1885 in Wauchula, Florida. He attended public schools Wauchula which did not have a high school so he attended Stetson Academy. He then attended Stetson University where he graduated in 1909 with a Bachelor of Arts. He then attended the University of Chicago where he received a second Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1912 he earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Columbia University in New York City. That same year he was admitted to the bar in Florida and began a private practice in Tampa.

In 1916, Carlton entered politics when he was elected to a two year term as a State Senator. He did not return to politics until a decade later when he ran successfully for Governor of Florida.

In 1928, Carlton was elected Governor of Florida with his term starting on January 8th, 1929. Carlton had to deal with several issues during his term, most especially the start of the Great Depression. He was forced to cut state jobs and payroll in order to help the state through the Depression. He also was faced with a major hurricane hitting the state and an infestation of Mediterranean Tephritidaes, more commonly known as fruit flies. He left office on January 3rd, 1933.

In 1936, Carlton ran for the Democratic Nomination for the United States Senate. Despite being endorsed by a variety of newspapers and the Democratic executive committee in the state. Carlton lost the race by just under 5,000 votes.

Carlton passed away on October 25th, 1972.

Carlton had an interesting history when it came to his three degrees. He took his Entered Apprentice degree St. John's Lodge No. 37 in DeLand, Florida where Stetson University is located. He took his Fellowcraft degree in Damascus Lodge No. 888 in Chicago, Illinois taking his degree in 1911 there. In 1915 he received his Master Mason degree at Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 in Tampa, Florida. He went on to affiliate with Hillsborough Lodge.