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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Duties of the Craft

Today in Masonic History we present Duties of the Craft by Rob Morris.

Come, and let us seek the straying,
Lead him to the Shepherd back;
Come, the traveler's feet betraying,
Golde him from the dangerous track;
Come, a solomn voice reminds us-
Come, a mystic fetter binds us-
Masons, here your duties lie,
Hark the poor and needy cry!

Come and help the worthy poor
Starving for the needed bread;
From your well-replenished store
Let the fellow-man be fed! ,
Bounties God: to you supplieth,
To the poor He oft denieth.

Come where sorrow has her dwelling
Comfort bring to souls distressed;
To the friendless mourner telling
Of the Rock that offers rest;
What would life be but for heaven!
Come, to us,the Word is given.

Band of Brothers, every nation
Hails your bright and orient light!
Fervent, zealous, free, your station
Calla for deeds of noblest might!
Seek-the world is full of sorrow,
Act-your life will end to-morrow.