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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Chamber of Imagery

Today in Masonic History we present The Chamber of Imagery by Rob Morris.

Hail, workmen or the mystic labor, hail!
To-night let all things that have langnage speak;
Here In the imago-chamber of the Craft.
Where truth and virtue beam on every hand;
above the spangled Arch, whose diamond rays.
Twinkle sweet welcome on our road to Heaven:
Around-emblems of truth eternal, grand,
Quaint old Imaginings of by-gone days;
Bef'ore-oh, blest eternally of God,
Yon book, whose secret is undyng hope;
Beneath-the earth, our mother, whence we sprunng,
And in whose bosom we shall sleep at last:
All these inspire and move the Poet's heart
To claim a welcome, Brothers, In your Band.

And let them speak; those Pillars that look down
In brazen symbolisms on the scene;
That golden G., that names the Sacred Name;
The Sheaf that marks His beauty and His love
The Gavel ringing: in submissive ears;
The Level, Plumb, and Square, on faithful breasts;
The Gauge, wise monitor of fleeting time,-
Of time, whose sands no mortal may recall;
The Trowel, with its soothing tale of peace;
Each has its voice, and let it speak to-night.