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TODAY in Masonic History:

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King Solomon's Farewell

Today in Masonic History we present King Solomon's Farewell by Rob Morris.

King Solomon sat in his ivory chair,
His chair on a platform high,
And his words addressed,
Through the listening West,
To a Band of Brothers nigh;
Through the West and South,
His words of truth,
To a Band of Brothers nigh.

"Ye Builders, go! ye have done your work
The Capstone standeth sure;
From the lowermost block,
To the loftiest rock,
The Fabric is secure;
From the Arch's Swell,
To the Pinnacle,
The Fabric is secure.

"Go, crowned with fame! old time will pass,
And many a change will bring,
But the Deed you've done,
The circling sun
Through every land will sing;
The moon and stars,
While earth endures,
Through every land will sing.

"Go build like this! from the quarries vast,
The precious stones reveal;
There's many a block
In the matrice rock,
Will honor your fabrics well;
There's many a beam,
By the mountain-stream,
Will honor your fabrics well

"Go build like this! strike off with skill,
Each superfluity;
With critic eye,
Each fault espy, .
Be Zealous Fervent, Free;
By the perfect Square,
Your work prepare-
Be Zealous, Fervent, Free.

"Go build like this! to a fitting place,
Rear up the Ashlars true;
On the Trestleboard
Of your Master's Lord,
The Grand Intention view;
In each mystic line,
Of the vast Design,
The Grand Intention view.

"Go build like this! and when exact,
The Joining scarce appear;
With the Trowel's aid,
Such cement spread,
As time can never wear;
Lay thickly round,
Such wise compound,
As time can never wear.

"Go, Brothers! thus enjoined, farewell!
Spread o'er the darkened West;
Illume each clime,
With Art sublime,
The noblest truths attest;
Be Masters now,
And as you go,
The noblest truths attest!