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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Walking Together

Today in Masonic History we present Walking Together by Rob Morris.

In thought, word, and deed,
We too are agreed,
From the same Fount Of' Knowledge Instructed;
And by the same hand
We'll travel or stand,
To the same Goal of triumph conducted.

Through the same open door,
We lame, blind, and poor
Undertook the same mystic endeavor;
Through the same grave at last,
When death's trial ls past,
We'll share the forever and ever.

Our friends are the same,
Whatever their name,
Whatever their station or nation;
The same are our foes,
Whose malice but shows
Their hearts black with coming damnation.

We too, then, can walk,
Sit, stand, work, or talk, ·
In union make sign or give token,
And while life remains
With its losses and gains
Let'e see that the tie be not broken!