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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Our 2019 Christmas Message

Today in Masonic History we present our 2019 Christmas message.

On this special day we take the opportunity to talk about Freemasonry and it's role in the world.

Daily we seem to be living in a world spiraling out of control. From natural disasters to violence against the innocent it is hard to imagine a time or a place when this wasn't the case.

As part of our ritual Freemasons are reminded to be charitable to their fellow mason, a mason's family and the stranger on the street. All too often people, both inside and outside the fraternity, decide that bigger must be better. The question is who is it better for? Yes a big grandiose gesture will garner attention, it may even get you or your lodge some press attention. The problem with this approach is that it is often unsustainable and when the luster of the charitable event loses it's shine, it falls to the side.

The true meaning of being charitable can be found in the simplest acts. Holding a door for someone is in fact a charitable act. It has become rare for people to do that in our modern society, still it has all the earmarks of being charitable. You are performing an act that helps someone else, you receive no pay or reward for the act and hopefully you put a smile on someones face.

Another example of a simple charitable act put me on the receiving end of another persons act of charity. In a coffee house, I ordered a basic coffee and then fumbled with my wallet. Before I could pay the woman behind the counter said "No Charge" and handed me a slip of paper. On the paper it said I had received a random act of kindness and I should pay it forward. That is what simple acts of charity can do. Regardless of the slip of paper, it will remind us to be friendly to the next person we meet, it will put us in a better mood and the good feeling will hopefully be spread around.

This is what the spirit of Christmas is meant to be. Giving others a good feeling by performing a simple charitable act.

I hope everyone who reads this has a Merry Christmas and celebrates the idea of peace on Earth and goodwill toward ALL man kind.