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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The All-Seeing Eye

Today in Masonic History we present The All-Seeing Eye by Rob Morris.

There is an eye through blackest night
A vigil ever keeps;
A vision of unerring light,
O'er lowly vale, o'er giddy, height,
The Eye that never sleeps.

Midst poverty and sickness lain,
The outcast lowly weeps;
What marks the face convulsed with pain?
What marks the softened look again?
The Eye that never sleeps.

Above the far meridian sun-
Below profoundest deeps,
Where dewy day his course begun,
Where scarlet marks his labor done-
The Eye that never sleeps.

No limit bounds th' Eternal Sight;
No misty cloud o'er sweeps;
The depths of hell give up their light-
Eternity itself is bright-
The: Eye that never sleeps.

Then rest we calm, though round our head
The life-storm fiercely sweeps;
What fear is in the blast! what dread
In mightier Death! An Eye's o'erhead,
The Eye that never sleeps.