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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Lodge Welcome to Ladies

Today in Masonic History we present Lodge Welcome to Ladies by Robert Morris.

We acknowledge countless blessings
From the Bounteous Hand above;
Our bond was first cemented
By Divine assent and love;
We are grateful, truly grateful,
For all gifts He doth bestow,
But our warmest thanks are given --
Shall I say the word? -- for you.

The woes of life are many,
Thronging dark on every side,
In tears, and sighs, and broken hearts,
And sorrows far and wide;
The Mason's hand is generous,
But most freely we bestow,
When the appeal is made us --
Shall I say the word? -- by you.

Our brotherhood is countless,
From the East unto the West;
In every land, and clime, and tongue,
They range among the best;
And every man a hundred miles
On frosty sod will go,
To give you help, or win a smile --
Shall I say the word? -- from you.

Then hail! Adoptive Masonry,
That brings us here together;
May manly arms 'round lovely forms
Protect from stormy weather;
And when, adown the hill of life,
Our tottering feet shall go,
May our weary steps be comforted --
Shall I say the word? -- by you.