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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Wearing the Emblems

Today in Masonic History we present Wearing the Emblems by Rob Morris.

You wear the Square! but have you got 
That thing the Square denotes? 
Is there within your inmost soul 
That principle which should control 
Your actions, words, and thoughts? 
The Square of Virtue, — is it there, 
Oh, you that wear the Mason's Square?

You wear the Compass! Do you keep 
Within that circle due 
That's circumscribed by law divine, 
Excluding hatred, envy, sin, 
Including all that's true? 
The Moral Compass draws the line, 
And lets no evil passions in!

You wear the Trowel! have you got 
That mortar, old and pure, 
Made on the recipe of God 
Divulged within His ancient Word, 
Indissoluble, sure? 
And do you spread, 'twixt man and man, 
That precious mixture as you can?

You wear the Oriental G! 
Ah, Brother, have a care! 
He whose All-Seeing Eye surveys 
Your inmost heart, with open gaze, 
Knows well what thoughts are there! 
Let no profane, irreverent word 
Go up t' insult th' avenging God!

You wear the Cross! it signifies 
The burdens Jesus bore, 
Who, staggering, fell, and bleeding, rose, 
And took to Golgotha the woes 
The world had borne before! 
The Cross, — oh, let it say, Forgive, 
Father, forgive, to all that live!

Dear Brother! if you will display 
These emblems of our Art, 
Let the great morals that they teach 
Be deeply graven, each for each, 
Upon an honest heart! 
Then they will tell, to God and man, 
Freemasonry's all-perfect plan!