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Charles Lindbergh Passes Away

Today in Masonic history Charles Lindbergh, American Aviator, passes away in 1974.

Lindbergh, who went by such nicknames as the Lone Eagle, Slim, and most famously Luck Lindy, was an American Aviator, Author, Inventor, Explorer and social activist.

Lindbergh was thrust suddenly onto the international stage when he made his Orteig Prize-winning solo flight from Roosevelt Field on Long Island to Le Bourget Field in Paris. His flight started on May 20th and ended on his landing in Paris on May 21st. He was the first person in history to be in New York one day and Paris the next.

Tragedy struck in 1932 when Lindbergh's infant son was kidnapped and murdered. The event was deemed "The Crime of the Century" by the media at th time.

Lindbergh was a member of Keystone Lodge No. 243 in St. Louis, Mo.