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Frank Liszt

 Born October 22, 1811 - Died July 31, 1886

Frank Liszt was a Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, teacher and Franciscan tertiary.

Liszt was renowned through out Europe in the 19th century for his virtuoso skill as a pianist. Many of his contemporaries felt that he was the most technically advanced pianist of his time. He would also popularize a wide variety of music by transcribing it for the piano.

As a composer Liszt anticipated some of the 20th century ideas and trends. He invented the symphonic poem, developed the concept of thematic transformation and made radical departures in harmony.

In 1841 Liszt was admitted at the lodge Unity Zur Einigkeit in Frankfurt. He became Worshipful Master of the lodge Zur Einigkeit in Berlin. He was also an honorary member of lodge Modestia cum Libertate at Zürich and the lodge of Pest (Budapest-Hungary).