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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Last Words of the Builder King

Today in Masonic History we present Last Words of the Builder King by Rob Morris.

'Twas in the years of long ago 
The mighty task was done, 
The waiting Craft in silence bow 
And list to Solomon: 

Oh, bind the tie, Freemasons dear, 
Where'er your feet may rove, 
With gifts the empty hand to cheer, 
The wounded heart with love!

Whatever lands your skill reward 
With Level, Plumb and Square, 
Oh, teach the Golden Rule of God, 
And be Freemasons there. 

The bread, the wine of quick relief, 
Have ready in your hand 
For tear and sigh of brother-grief 
Fulfill my last command. 

And though from Sion you depart, 
Still do your Master's will, 
That you may build, with hand and heart, 
Upon the heavenly hill!