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Franz Abt is born

Today in Masonic History Franz Abt is born in 1819.

Franz Abt was a German composer and choral conductor.

Abt was born in Ellenburg in Prussian Saxony.

From an early age Abt had an interest in music. His first instructor was his father who was a talented pianist and a member of the clergy.

Abt attended school at Thomasschule Leipzig (St. Thomas School in Leipzig) and at the University of Leipzig. Initially Abt intended to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a member of the clergy. While in school Abt became friends with three other great composers of the time Albert Lortzing, Felix Mendelssohn and Robert Schumann.

When Abt's father passed away in 1837 moved away from theology and focused entirely on music. It was around this time that Abt first began to compose and publish music. In many of his positions as Choir Master of various organizations he would conduct the choir in his own compositions.

In 1841Abt moved to Zürich, Switzerland. While in Zürich Abt was appointed in succession to almost all of the choral societies of the city, often winning awards for the societies. In 1852 Abt returned to Germany.

Abt's compositions comprise more than 600 opus numbers which make up more than 3,000 individual pieces.

Abt was a member of Brunswick Lodge and was raised in 1853.