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The Hidden Meaning

Today in Masonic History we present The Hidden Meaning by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

A Mason's ways are
A type of existence,
And his persistence
Is as the days are
Of men in the world.

The future hides in it
Good hap or sorrow,
We pass through it-
Naught there abides in it
Daunting us - onward.

And silent, before us,
Veiled the dark portal,
Goal of all mortal;
Stars silent rest over us,
Graves under us silent.

But heard are the voices-
Voices of the sages
Of the world and the ages-
Choose well, your choice is
Brief, but yet endless.

Here eyes do regard you
In eternity's stillness,
Here is all fullness,
Ye brave, to reward you,
Work, and despair not.  

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