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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Happy 5780 A.M.!

Today in Masonic History it is 5780 Anno Mundi (A.M.)!

The year is 5780 Anno Mundi or Year After Creation.

Anno Mundi is used by Scottish Rite organizations to calculate dates. It is based on the Biblical creation of the world from the Hebrew tradition.

There can be some discrepancy in this calculation based on which set of scriptures are used. According to the Greek Septuagin text the world was created in 5500 B.C.E. Even the Tanakh doesn't match perfectly with the Anno Mundi used by Scottish Rite. In the Tanakh it puts it at 3750 B.C.E. The number used by Scottish Rite has it as 3762.

Like many things associated with the Bible an Freemasonry it all comes down to interpretation. The fluctuation in numbers (around 1400 years) is based on how you interpret the Book of Genesis and the age of characters in the Bible starting with Adam and going to Terah the father of Abrahan. There is also some discrepancy when it comes to the Biblical flood and the timing of those events.

Regardless, for the Scottish Rite mason the year is calculated by adding 3762 to the current year making it 5780 A.M.

For those looking for some Masonic knowledge today here is a list of the current years and how they associate with Freemasonry:

  • It is 6019 Anno Lucis or In the Year of Light. This is the most common of dates for Blue Lodge Freemasonry. It is found simply by adding 4000 to the current year. This represents the Biblical start of the human race.
  • It is 901 Anno Ordinis or In the Year of the Order. This is used by the Knights Templar, which is part of the York Rite system in the United States. The date is based on the founding of the Knights Templar or the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ. It was in 1118 that the Order was started and the date is found by subtracting 1118 from the current date.
  • It is 2549 Anno Inventionis or In the Year of the Discovery. This date is used by Royal Arch Masons and commemorates the building of the Second Temple by Zerubbabel. The date is found by adding 530 to the date. 530 represents 530 B.C.E. the year Zerubbabel built the second temple.
  • It is 3019 Anno Depositionis or In the Year of the Deposit. This is used by Royal and Select Masters and Cryptic Masons. It is believed that Solomon's Temple was completed in 1000 B.C.E. so the Anno Depositionis can be found by adding 1000 to the current date.

I wish everyone great success in your Masonic and non-Masonic endeavors over the coming year.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.