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Mother Kilwinning

Today in Masonic History we discuss Mother Kilwinning.

Mother Kilwinning is a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Kilwinning is listed on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland as number 0. It is referred to as nothing, not zero.

The origins of the lodge are claimed to date back to th 12th century. It is believed masons traveled from around Europe to build Kilwinning Abbey and established a lodge. Like many things in Freemasonry the farther back you go, the more difficult it is to prove what is accurate and what is legend. In 1736, Kilwining became a constituent lodge of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and asked to be recognized as the oldest lodge in Scotland. When documented proof was not available the claim was rejected and Kilwinning left the Grand Lodge of Scotland to become what is known as a Mother Lodge.

A Mother Lodge, like a Grand Lodge, can authorize the creation of subordinate lodges. Although the governance of subordinate lodges is different in a Mother Lodge compared to a Grand Lodge. Kilwining did establish many lodges. The lodges they established were as far away as Virgina and included lodges in continental Europe, Scotland and Ireland.

In 1807 Kilwinning returned to the Grand Lodge of Scotland. At the time it was written Kilwinning "came once more into the bosom of the Grand Loge, bringing with her all of her daughter Lodges."

Tradition has it the Worshipful Master of Kilwinning lodge becomes the Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire. This was changed in 1983 when Kilwining was moved to be subordinate to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning. The Lodge now sends a representative to be Grand Bible Bearer for the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Keeping with tradition for the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Kilwinning Lodge can confer the Order of Mark Master Masons.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.